Crooked Bullseye is a loose group of homebrewers in Toronto, Ontario. We brew all-grain beers, on nearly all diy equipment. We often have kids help stir the mash. We have very poor record-keeping (though this blog might help change that), and feel that if we hit the bullseye, it’s because it wasn’t where we were aiming. Okay, we’re not actually that bad, but our ethos and methods make A-type, highly accurate brewers cringe. That said, we’ve made some fantastic saisons, as well as other styles. We do a lot of new world/American style beers, basically because it’s what we like to drink. We also just won our first accolade, taking 1st place in the Farmhouse Ale category in the GTA Brews Spring Showdown contest with our Chinook Biere de Garde.

Follow along, comment on our recipes and execution, and ask questions. We’re hardly pro, but are happy to share what we do know.